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Balance Pose

I was weak, wobbly and overweight. I got help from Jacqueline. As a result, I lost eight pounds and my balance and upper body strength have improved considerably. –Susanna L. 

“I’m Tired of Always Starting a New Diet…”

  • “Finding time to exercise is a struggle because of my schedule…”
  •  “I quit smoking and my metabolism has all but stopped!”
  • “I’m tired all the time!” 
  • “I just finished physical therapy but I’m still having trouble (walking, opening jars, climbing stairs)…”
  •  “How do I handle my stress better?


Knowing What To Do Is Usually Not the Obstacle

You probably know what to do to develop a healthy lifestyle. The primary reason many of us give up is because we tend to look at how far we still have to go, instead of how far we have come.


You Want to Get More Active, Have More Energy, and Less Stress…

But it’s sooo hard to get started. Or… you have an ongoing health or back problems, or you’re recovering from an injurys and you need someone who can help you exercise in a safe and effective way. And… maybe you’re tired of the diet/weight gain cycle, but confused by all the conflicting information you read.


You’re Not Doing Anything Wrong…

You’re just not doing things that work for you, and possibly don’t know what that looks like for you. You need a plan that is flexible and realistic, while helping you deal with the personal obstacles you face. Long term success comes from becoming aware, making small changes, and choosing what matters and results in a personal lifestyle change.

As your in-home Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach, I create programs to improve your strength and endurance (that means you can do things longer) as well as bend and move without aches and pains. Additionally, I focus on your relationship to food and eating, referring you to a nutritionist or dietitian as needed. I also support your work in pinpointing ways you can cope with, and control energy drains and stressors making you uncomfortable.

Real challenges in your life make it difficult to maintain your health, lose weight, get fit, eat better, rest well, and handle stress. I encourage you to work with me through Audacious-Aging.NYC® (contact me here), to get started. Additionally, you can: download a free chapter of one of my books for more information.

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