3 Exercises to Improve Foot Health

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We’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking. Well, it turns out that, in the long run, too much standing isn’t all that great for us either. In fact, long-term effects of standing are back problems and muscle damage.


Why Exercise Your Feet?

To begin with, foot strength directly affects foot mechanics, gait, ankle stabilization, and whole-body balance. Surprisingly, you may develop stress fractures from overuse, and plantar fasciitis from over-pronation or too-flexible shoes. As a result, you may experience significant pain and poor movement ability. Further, injuries are likely if you have tight calf muscles, or are overweight. (CommonFootInjuries)

Given these points, your feet need training and conditioning as much as the rest of your body. In the long run, foot and ankle exercises improve foot strength and movement. 


3 Exercises to Improve Foot Health

(Balance, Comfort, and Flexibility)

Bicyclists, dancers, runners, walkers — in general, anyone who wears shoes, will benefit from these foot and ankle exercises. In reality, muscles become stiff and painful when you stand or walk all day. With this in mind, spend a few minutes every hour or so to stretch, relax, and lengthen tightened muscles.

Calf Raise: First, stand near a chair or a doorway and hold on lightly for balance. Then, stand on one foot and rise onto your toes. Finally, hold this for 10 seconds, then lower. The key to this exercise is to raise your body straight up (rather than leaning forward), which engages your core. Repeat 10 times on each foot. Variations: 1) With your heels together, rotate your toes out, 2) rotate your toes in.

Calf Stretch: Start facing a wall, and place one leg forward, knee bent, foot flat on the floor. Following, extend the other leg straight back, keeping your heel flat on the floor. Keep your back knee straight. Then lean into the wall until you feel the calf of the straight, back leg stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides. Repeat 3 times on each foot.

Foot Pronation/Supination: Begin standing, with feet facing forward. Roll feet out (pronation) and return to standing. Roll feet in and return to standing. Repeat 10 times for each movement.


In the meantime, you might be interested in your other extremities: Hand Exercises


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