5 Steps to Reaching Your Goals

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What does it take to really achieve something?

How can we reach a goal that we want to accomplish?

How do we go from saying we want something, to following through?


Our first mistake, usually, is we make too many goals at once. Following that, our second mistake is we expect immediate progress. In fact, it’s pretty unrealistic to believe you’ll start eating better, getting seven or eight hours of sleep, and working out regularly — overnight! 

Setting goals, of course, is the best way to succeed. To begin with, goal setting lets control of your life’s direction. For example, you have a point of reference to tell when you are succeeding.

On the other hand, to accomplish a goal, you must to know how to set them. For one thing, simply saying, “I want” and expecting it to happen doesn’t usually work. Instead, set a goal by carefully considering what you want to achieve. Further, design specific steps to get where you want to go. Finally, act on each step.


Here are 5 Steps to Reaching Your Goals


  1. Set a Goal That Motivates You

Motivation comes from being sure something is important to you. Accordingly, if you don’t really care about the outcome, you probably won’t do the work to make them happen.

In the long run, achieving a goal requires commitment. That is, you must feel a sense of urgency, and an “I must do this” attitude. With this in mind, you want to end up happy and inspired by yourself. (FindYourPurpose)

  1. Make Your Goal SMART

You probably heard of SMART goals (MBO):

  • Specific: Vaguely defined goals don’t provide enough direction. For this reason, you only get to where you want by defining exactly where you want to end up.
  • Measurable: Including precise amounts, dates, etc., in your goals provides guidelines to success. That is to say, including a way to measure your accomplishments, lets you celebrate when you achieve something.
  • Achievable: Set a goal that you can visualize achieving. At the same time, resist the urge to set goals that are too easy. With this in mind, set realistic, yet challenging goals because they bring your greatest personal satisfaction.
  • Realistic: Base goals on the direction you want your life to take. To clarify, when you aligned yourself with your purpose, you become focused.
  • Time-Based: With a deadline, you can also celebrate your success. In fact, your sense of urgency increases, and achievement will come that much quicker.
  1. Write Out Your Goals

Write down a goal to make it real and tangible. To begin with, make each statement positive. To explailn, use “will” instead of “would like to” or “try. To put it differently, when you “see” yourself in action, you create passion and eliminate excuses.

  1. Make an Action Plan

Approach your goals with a step-by-step plan. Generally, when you write out each step, you get to cross each one off as you complete it. As a result, you see progress towards your goal.

  1. Keep Going!

After all, reaching a goal is about practicing, not performing. All things considered, it’s a process not a race. In short, focus on doing the action, not on achieving “X” goal by a certain date. In summary, goal setting is an open-ended activity, not only a means to an end. (NewHabits)


So, what will you decide to get done today?


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