5 Ways Guaranteed to Increase Your Fun and Fitness

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“Exercise is boring.” “Exercise is too difficult.” “I’m not athletic.” “I’m too busy.” “I’m too fat.” “I’m too old.” “I’m too tired.”


What do you mean by this statement? “I don’t like exercising.” Frequently we mean: “I don’t enjoy the particular type of exercise I think I have to do.”

Well, for one thing, if you don’t like lifting weights in a gym, don’t do it. Alternatively, if you don’t like running, don’t do that. In fact, don’t settle for the elliptical machine if you think it’s a snooze.

Not so surprisingly, you probably want to live a healthy, active life. For this reason, it will help if you understand a few essential facts.

  1. For the most part, exercise is anything that elevates your heart rate and takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone.
  2. In addition, exercise does not mean “run on a treadmill for four hours and be miserable.”  


Find something to do that you like

To begin with, look for an activity you look forward to doing. Specifically, look for one that gives you a rush. All in all, there’s probably some activity that will give you the benefits you’re looking for, and that appeals to you. To put it differently, the hardest habit to build is an exercise habit. As a result, it’s a lot easier to keep up if you look forward to it.


Here are 5 ideas for fun exercise choices:



Hate Running (and your knees hurt)? (535 calories for an 11-minute mile), and Riding a Stationary Bike is Too Repetitive? (393 calories) …

Try Riding a Real Bicycle (340 calories at a moderate speed of 10 mph)

To begin with, there’s no impact on a bike; it’s easy on your knees. Further, you get to see the world around you instead of the four walls of a gym. Not to mention, if you join a cycling group, you make new friends. (BenefitsOfBiking)

Hula Hoop

Think Hopping Up and Down on a Step is Pointless? (360–714 calories) …

Try Hula Hooping (420–600 calories)

In particular, hula hooping can burn as many calories per minute as step aerobics, or boot camp. (HulaHoop)


Instead of an Aerobics Class (400 – 551 calories) …

Put on Your Dancing Shoes (310 – 552 calories).

Not a gym rat? On the positive side, dancing is a great way to get fit. With this in mind, there are many styles; one is sure to appeal to you. Most compelling, some you don’t need a partner for. For example, you may love Zumba, which blends choreographed footwork and body movements from Latin dances. Significantly, you won’t even realize you’re working your muscles as well. (DancingGreatExercise)

Aquatic Fitness

Instead of Swimming (429–600 calories) …

Take an Aquatic Fitness Class (350–600 calories)

The first thing to remember is aquatic training is not only an activity to turn to if you are injured, overweight or elderly. A point often overlooked, it is a proven method of training. Further, people of all ages and abilities, including some of the world’s top athletes choose it. Notably, it’s effective as well as fun. (DipIntoFitness)


Instead of Weight Lifting (214 calories) …

Take a Hike (500 calories)

On the positive side, working out with weights increases muscle mass and boosts metabolism. At the same time, hiking is a fantastic workout for burning calories in addition to building muscles. To put it differently, you may even forget you are exercising. (CaloriesBurnedHiking)


A year from now you will wish you had started today.


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