A Simple Way to Help You Live Longer

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It’s really this simple: Research shows that people with a positive outlook on life live significantly longer. To begin with, a positive life view enhances the belief in our abilities, decreases perceived stress, and fosters healthful behaviors. Further, positive emotions broaden our sense of possibilities. On the other hand, negative emotions do the opposite. (SurvivalAdvantage)

A key point, when facing a health crisis, actively cultivating positive emotions is indisputably linked to health benefits. As examples, the outcomes include lower blood pressure, less heart disease, and better weight control.


What Will Help

All things considered, you probably know what makes you feel good. Maybe it’s playing the guitar. Maybe it’s baking an apple pie, or ballroom dancing.

In fact, researchers noticed that happy people tend to cultivate new skills, which lead to feeling successful. Significantly, this results in more happiness, and the process repeats itself.


2 Activities to Increase Positive Thinking

Writing. First, write about a positive experience you had. Additionally, spend 20 minutes writing about this experience. Finally, repeat this writing activity for three consecutive days, Surprisingly, this research project resulted in amazing results after three months. In short, writing about positive experiences lead to better moods, fewer visits to the health center, and less illness. (HealthBenefitsWriting) 

Playing. In the same fashion, schedule time to play into your life. It’s important to realize that time Is not fixed. As a matter of fact, what I know is that there’s always time to do the stuff we think is important.


Where to Go from Here

It’s important to realize that positive thinking isn’t only a fluffy, feel-good expression. In fact, moments of happiness are critical for your healthy mind and body. In other words, adding positive emotions into your life — whether through writing or playing catch, can shape your future.


An Easy Tip to Increase Positivity


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