I was injured! How can aquatics help me recover?


I have ongoing movement limitations. How will water exercise benefit me?


I had (may have) knee/hip surgery... How can water exercising help me prepare or recover?


I want to get stronger without the boredom of lifting weights in the gym



Move Easier

These are five ways aquatic exercise lets you move more freely and makes you stronger.

  • improves balance and flexibility (makes you steadier when you move around)
  • increases how easily you can move around (range of motion) 
  • promotes cardiovascular and muscular endurance (that means you can do something longer)
  • Supports your body weight so you don’t hurt when you jump, twist, or turn 
  • relieves pain in your back and knees when you bend or move


Get in Shape

If you want to get in shape safely and quickly, I recommend aquatic fitness. To begin with, aquatic workouts are not only effective, but fun and invigorating. Meanwhile, you don’t have to know how to swim!


Manage Chronic Pain

Equally important, exercising in water effectively relieves limitations in the way and amount you can move. In fact, physical inactivity can contribute to the rise in chronic diseases. (1)


Recover From Injuries

Significantly, you can speed up recovery from accidents and sports injuries (ACL tears, broken bones, rotator cuffs, shoulders, sprains) For one thing, you feel up to 80% lighter in water than on land. As a result, you can walk and even run without fear of re-injury.


Hip & Knee Rehab

Aquatic rehab is beneficial for recovering from the over 700 thousand annual knee and 300 thousand total hip replacement surgeries yearly (2). Correspondingly, it may be possible to avoid surgery by exercising in the water. A key point, improved bone density through aquatic exercise, means those joints will be stronger.


Aquatic Personal Training and Rehabilitation

Chronic Conditions | Fitness | Injuries | Pre & Re-hab

I offer a proven approach for you to become stronger and more active, through exercising in water. Specifically, my aquatic fitness and rehab programs are flexible and realistic. Equally important, I just happen to offer an approach that’s easy for you to start, as well as keep up.

To begin with, aquatic exercise gets you in shape safely and quickly. Additionally, it doesn’t bother your knees, joints, or back. Further, I design your program to increase your balance and flexibility. Finally, you don’t even have to know how to swim!

Manage Moving and Relieve Pain from Chronic Disorders

Prepare for, or Recover from, Surgery

Recuperate from Injuries

Prevent Falling 

Get Stronger Without Pain


Aquatic Training Locations

You can schedule one-on-one workout sessions with me in the beautiful pool at the JCC Manhattan on the Upper West Side.

Alternatively, we can meet at your private pool location for ongoing individual sessions.


“Jacqueline is a terrific aquatics instructor and trainer…. We worked on aquatic exercises that improved my alignment, flexibility, and strength, while avoiding pain while I worked out.”

Linn M.

“I worked with Jacqueline to learn how to increase strength in my legs, which are not as strong as my upper body. She was instrumental in showing me how to use water’s buoyancy and resistance to build up the muscles in my legs.” 

Nilopher S.

Aquatic Personal Training

Individual, 60-Minute Sessions

Every Journey Starts Somewhere



  • Contact me to schedule a single appointment.
  • Regularly scheduled appointments can be arranged.



  • Appointments must be changed 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for that session.
  • All late cancellations and no-shows will be charged.


Other Policies

  • Sessions are not refundable or transferrable.
  • Clients have one year to use a package of sessions.


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