"I want to move more easily..."


"I want to prepare for and recover from (knee/hip/back) surgery..."


"I want to heal more quickly from my injury..."

  • Move more easily…
  • Prepare for or recover from surgery…
  • Speed up healing from injuries…

Aquatic Personal Training and Rehabilitation

Chronic Conditions | Fitness | Injuries | Pre/Post & Rehab

Aquatic workouts offer a proven approach for you to improve your strength, mobility, and flexibility. In particular, you get in shape safely, while protecting your knees, joints, and back. With this in mind, you will have fun as you get more active.

Significantly, doctors often recommend water-based training for rehabilitation and pain management. Another key point, professional athletes use water training for whole-body conditioning. In addition, you don’t even have to know how to swim!

“Jacqueline is a terrific aquatics instructor and trainer…. We worked on aquatic exercises that improved my alignment, flexibility, and strength, while avoiding pain while I worked out.” — Linn M., NYC

“I worked with Jacqueline to learn how to increase strength in my legs, which are not as strong as my upper body. She was instrumental in showing me how to use water’s buoyancy and resistance to build up the muscles in my legs.” — Nilopher S., NYC



  • Contact me to schedule a single appointment.
  • Regularly scheduled appointments can be arranged.



  • Appointments must be changed 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for that session.
  • All late cancellations and no-shows will be charged.


Other Policies

  • Sessions are not refundable or transferrable.
  • Clients have one year to use a package of sessions.



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