Am I Hungry? 4 Easy Mindful Eating Exercises

In our diet-obsessed, food-abundant culture, eating is often guilt-inducing. Additionally, we receive general of “follow a healthy lifestyle.” And you know, this means exercise, and watch what you eat. However, this suggestion isn’t terribly helpful, if you’ve been unsuccessful at doing that for years.

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Stuck in Rut: 3 Ways to Stop Treading Water

Is your life in a rut? Are you just treading water? Are you floundering about? Is your current direction a dead end?

Consider this: Treading water is a personal-safety survival technique that is taught in most swim classes. Successful treading water is done using as little energy as possible. The point of treading water is to stay afloat

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I’m Late… I’m Late. I’m Late!

Is this you? “I’m so sorry I’m late…”
You’re late. For everything. All the time. Frustrating, isn’t it?
Additionally, you know being on time would keep you on good terms with your (colleagues, clients. family, friends).

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