3 Exercises to Improve Foot Health

We’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking. Well, it turns out that, in the long run, too much standing isn’t all that great for us either. In fact, long-term effects of standing are back problems and muscle damage.   Why Exercise Your Feet? [tweet_box...

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5 Steps to Reaching Your Goals

What does it take to really achieve something? How can we reach a goal that we want to accomplish? How do we go from saying we want something, to following through?   Our first mistake, usually, is we make too many goals at once. Following that, our second...

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4 Tips to Building a Positive Attitude

What do you need to be more excited about your life? How would you design a happy moment?   Perhaps you remember this episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show: Mary said (glumly, in distress), “I need a change. Every day, I get up in the morning, I go to work, I do...

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5 Ways Guaranteed to Increase Your Fun and Fitness

What do you mean by this statement? “I don’t like exercising.” Frequently it means: “I don’t enjoy the particular type of exercise I think I have to do.”
Well, for one thing, if you don’t like lifting weights in a gym, don’t do it. Alternatively, if you don’t like running, don’t do that. In fact, don’t settle for the elliptical machine if you think it’s a snooze.

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7 Movements to Stay Fit on Vacation

It takes creative strategies to stay fit on vacation. To begin with, we are creatures of habit. For example, we have a regular routine (wake up, eat meals, work out, go to sleep at the same times). With this in mind, most of us occasionally leave the comfort of our...

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Am I Hungry? 4 Easy Mindful Eating Exercises

In our diet-obsessed, food-abundant culture, eating is often guilt-inducing. Additionally, we receive general of “follow a healthy lifestyle.” And you know, this means exercise, and watch what you eat. However, this suggestion isn’t terribly helpful, if you’ve been unsuccessful at doing that for years.

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