Stride, Stroll, Strut — Moving Better

Mobility in our hips is vital for bikers, runners, and nonathletes alike. Everyone can benefit from strengthening the hip flexor muscles that support this ball-and-socket joint.
Sitting for much of the day — something most of us are guilty of, contributes to tight hip flexors. Tight hip flexors can cause lower back pain, hip pain, and injury.

Dip into Fitness! — Aquatic Exercise Brings Power, Strength, Vitality, and Fun

Are you recovering from, or trying to avoid surgery?, Looking to manage your weight? Want strength or endurance training? Want to have fun, and relax? Well, a water-base exercise program will probably help. 
Vertical, water-based exercise (Dancing, jumping, kicking, running) offers multiple benefits for any fitness level. Plus, you do it with a lot less impact.