How to Eat an Elephant (And Reach Your Goals)

MicroMOVEments means exactly what it sounds like. To begin with, take a large goal and break it down into teeny, tiny, manageable tidbits. In this way, you make it easier, more fun, and motivating.
In general, when we take itsy bitsy, little actions toward a goal, we reach it.
For instance, those things that overwhelm us; like exercising regularly, dropping that stubborn extra weight, or cleaning the house.

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3 Ways Aquatic Fitness Makes You Stronger and Healthier

Vertical, water-based exercise (jumping, kicking, running, strength training) offers multiple benefits for any fitness level. To begin with, buoyancy decreases the amount of weight-bearing and impact you feel in your joints. Further, an aquatic environment is beneficial with treating painful and/or chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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How to Improve Balance, Mobility, and Strength

Whether walking down a crowded street, or leaping through Swan Lake, we need our wits about us. Notably, we use our whole bodies for balance, mobility, and strength to control our movements. In fact, in almost every physical activity, from sports to walking, we spend more time on one leg than two.

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