3 Ways Aquatic Fitness Makes You Stronger and Healthier

Vertical, water-based exercise (jumping, kicking, running, strength training) offers multiple benefits for any fitness level. To begin with, buoyancy decreases the amount of weight-bearing and impact you feel in your joints. Further, an aquatic environment is beneficial with treating painful and/or chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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How to Improve Balance, Mobility, and Strength

Whether walking down a crowded street, or leaping through Swan Lake, we need our wits about us. Notably, we use our whole bodies for balance, mobility, and strength to control our movements. In fact, in almost every physical activity, from sports to walking, we spend more time on one leg than two.

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Get Active and Improve Your Finances

When we think about money, how often we get to the gym may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, think again. To begin with, you know exercise is good for you.  Surprisingly, working out regularly can have financial benefits too.

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