Defeated by Clutter (Geez! I just cleaned…)

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Clutter impacts your brain as well as your closet. Specifically, de-cluttering isn’t about re-arranging your shoes. Surprisingly, clutter can even make you fat. To put it another way, a cluttered atmosphere simply isn’t conducive to cooking and eating well. Not only that, it decreases the odds for exercising.


Clutter Affects your Health


Physical Health

  • Decreases odds of exercise (How can you go running when you can’t find your shoes?)
  • Depletes your energy (Does peeking into your closet leave you feeling overwhelmed?)
  • Makes you fat (Can a messy kitchen make you eat cookies for dinner?)


Emotional Health

  • Increases procrastination (Do you avoid decisions by letting too much stuff pile up?)
  • Prevents living in the moment (Why can’t I enjoy things right when they are happening?)


What Doesn’t Work

Buying loads of fancy bins with fancy labels to store your clutter doesn’t get to the root of the issue. It’s like putting a fresh coat of paint on a house that’s crumbling at its foundation. (scientists-find-physical-clutter-negatively-affects-your-ability-to-focus-process-information)

When you collect too much of anything, including fat, you can’t get rid of it without facing the underlying issues. If your goals aren’t clear and your thinking isn’t focused, you can’t break the habits that stand in your way. You can’t change one piece of your life without affecting all of them.

In my experience, weight issues are caused by lifestyle. Because what you weigh isn’t only about calorie counting or taking a Zumba class. What you weigh is about how you live. 

Even holding onto clothes that are too small for you is  psychologically damaging . As an illustration, those size-8 trousers hanging in your closet don’t really motivate you; instead they make you feel guilty. For one thing, we only wear 20 % of the clothes we own almost 80% of the time. It’s important to realize that keeping old clothes indicates you are avoiding change.  


What is the solution?


A first step towards losing weight is to re-evaluate your lifestyle. Significantly, if your home is in turmoil, and you can’t find your sneakers because they’re behind the dog’s bed, you aren’t going to go to the gym or taking a walk. 


The Kaizen Approach to Change

Depression-era American business management theorists developed a process of incremental improvements that helped the U.S. win World War II. In response, the Japanese took this idea and gave it a name: Kaizen, a Japanese word, meaning continuous improvement.

And it’s just as applicable to our personal lives. With this in mind, don’t make radical changes to your life. Instead, make one small improvement every day. For example, each day, focus on getting 1% better at whatever it is you’re trying to improve. That’s it. Just 1%.

On the negative side, 1% might not seem like much, And, it isn’t. It’s tiny. On the positive side, that’s why it’s easy. It’s doable. Altogether it feels less intimidating and is more manageable. Generally speaking, becoming 1% better every day is a simple, practical way to achieve big goals. Now, it might feel less exciting than chasing a huge win, but In the long run, its results are stronger and more sustainable.

In summary, work at keeping your focus on right now. Gradually, you start to notice the improvements in your life. (better-every-day-the-kaizen-approach-to-self-improvement)



Hope for the Bemused, Bothered, & Bewildered

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