Dip into Fitness! — Aquatic Exercise Brings Power, Strength, Vitality, and Fun

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Are you recovering from, or trying to avoid surgery?, Looking to manage your weight? Want strength or endurance training? Want to have fun, and relax? Well, a water-base exercise program will probably help. 

Vertical, water-based exercise (Dancing, jumping, kicking, running) offers multiple benefits for any fitness level. Plus, you do it with a lot less impact.

To begin with, water is less intimidating than walking into an aerobics studio surrounded by mirrors. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the wrong foot — no one will see it, Finally, moving in water is about 12 times harder than moving through air. As an example, no matter how, or which way you move, your movements are challenged.


How Water Workouts Work

In an aquatic workout, buoyancy decreases the amount of weight-bearing and impact you feel in your joints. Correspondingly, it is ideal if you experience pain when doing land-based exercises. As a result, aquatic exercise can be used in rehabilitation settings. Equally important, you improve strength and mobility while recovering from surgery. Further it reduces painful and/or chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Additionally, hydrostatic pressure alleviates joint pain by reducing fluid build-up. To explain, hydrostatic pressure dulls muscle pain, making it easier to move, workout, and/or stretch.

As a result, when you jump or run in the water, your body is jarred less than when moving on land. With this in mind, water fitness is an ideal activity for your back problems, foot or leg injuries, or knee conditions.


Water-based Exercise and Fitness

Using buoyancy and resistance, with aquatic equipment, you can add variety to moving in the water. 

Water fitness classes come in many of formats. Examples include: AcquaPole® (pole dancing in the water); AquaSpin (with special waterproof bicycles)); aqua Tabata (HIIT in the water); aquatic forms of Pilates, tai chi and yoga; even Aqua Zumba®, the water-based version of Zumba®;.

Want another bonus? For one thing, when you’re in the water, you won’t even notice that you’re sweating!

Calorie Burn: Specifically, you can burn 400 to 500 calories per hour exercising in the water depending on your size and how intense your movements are. (SplashWithWaterFitness)


Water-based Exercise and Injuries

In particular, water workouts are great exercise for anyone who is overweight. Another key point, aquatic workouts relieve lower back pain and orthopedic (knee, hip, shoulder) injuries. Most compelling, post-habilitation, in conjunction with land-based physical therapy, increases the speed of post-surgery recovery. (BenefitsofWaterWorkouts)


Water-based Exercise and Chronic Illness

A point overlooked, water-based exercise is perfect if you live with a chronic condition. Namely, arthritis, (joints, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis arthritis), Diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s, or scoliosis. (HealthBenefitsWaterExercise)


Aquatic Exercise in Action!

This video reviews a few of the possibilities of working with me in the water.


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