Do you have problems with being absentminded, even if your memory is usually ok?

Do you sometimes forget where you put your eyeglasses or phone?

Have you ever worried whether you locked your door or turned off the stove?


Being absent minded does not necessarily mean forgetfulness. Absentmindedness affects all of us at some time or another. As a matter of fact, we sometimes find ourselves inexplicably stopped in our tracks by confusion.


In this era of information overload, we’re often, not ADHD, but BBTLBewildered by Today’s Life. For example, we complain about losing our phone, misplacing a checkbook, or forgetting people’s names.


To begin with, here are some, practical tips for dealing with specific situations you may experience. If you think your situation is more severe, contact me for professional help in addition to the solutions listed below:



Where. Are. My Keys!?

Set up a landing zone: When you come home from being out, always put your keys there. I hang my keys on the front door lock as soon as I come home. That way, I don’t have to look for them when I’m leaving again.


Was I supposed to be somewhere?

When you lead a busy life, organization is an important aid to forgetfulness. I use the calendar on my phone, and record new appointments or want to reminders to myself. Of course, you have to look at it to make it useful to you. 


What was your name again?

Of course, there are systems you can learn.  To begin with, though, try this simple, amazingly effective, hack — immediately repeat the person’s name out loud. 

Finally, what did I come in here to do?

In fact, this experience of arriving somewhere and realizing you forgot why is so annoying. 

To begin with, we think this happens because we didn’t pay enough attention, or it wasn’t important enough. On the other hand, we may  criticize ourself — “I’m getting old”, or “I’m having a ‘senior moment.’” In fact, it’s not you. In fact, there’s more to remembering than paying attention. Or, when it happens. And how hard you try. 

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame identified a “completely different” idea. Actually, walking through doorways turns out to cause you to forget. Accordingly, they call it the “doorway effect”. In fact, it doesn’t matter, if the “room” is virtual (for instance, going from app to app), or in real rooms. (Source)


 Ultimately, you may feel like the proverbial, absentminded professor. Generally speaking, though, a professor is smart, even if he or she is forgetful! As a result, be patient, and keep a healthy perspective about absentmindedness. So sum up, you might even laugh about it if you can. At least later.


New Hope for the Bemused, Bothered, & Bewildered

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