Are you tired of setting goals and not reaching them?

How can you succeed at (exercising regularly, eating better, reducing procrastination)?


When you hear about people who have “reinvented their lives”, you usually hear about people who have done big things – became professional weight-lifters, famous writers, or backpacked across Europe.


I had one client who wanted to work out more, but she had a hard time sticking with it (you might be familiar with this problem). Her problem was familiar — she looked at the results she wanted, not the process. So, she didn’t start. And that’s what most people do.


Generally speaking, the solution is: make it so easy you can’t say no: do three squats. Or walk/jog for one minute. In other words, do one thing now.

Of course, you may think that’s too easy and tell yourself you have to do more than that. Unfortunately, this mindset sets you up to fail. Because we think we should do more, we don’t do anything. Although we aspire to greatness, we forget consistency is enough.


The key is: learn the five fundamentals of habit forming.



1: Get Ready

First, name your goal. Then, get what you need to ensure your success. For example, if you want to start walking more, get good walking shoes. Correspondingly, if you want to lose weight, make a list of healthy foods that you like.


2: Start Really Small

Your dentist probably tells you to floss daily. But actually, not too many people do that. So, here’s a way to start: floss ONE tooth. That seems ridiculous, right? Well, I’m serious: if you start out extremely small, you’ll feel crazy if you don’t do it. And that’s the point; actually doing the activity is way more important than how much you do.


3: Form One Habit at a Time

In the long run, focusing on less helps you do more. To begin with, choose one activity that will give you the most satisfaction. As a matter of fact, keeping it this simple gives you the best chance to succeed.

Want more information? Read my blog post about habit forming: Whole Hearted Habits



4: Make it Measurable

Whatever goal you aim for, a definite result makes you feel successful. For example, drink 1 glass of water a day. Or, meditate for only 1 minute. Another idea; write a single sentence in your journal. Similarly, walk for 1 minute. This is how you start a habit that lasts.


Sure, maybe you want to improve your fitness level. But first start with 1-2 minutes a day. Second, give yourself a goal of two weeks. Of course, it may sound silly, but when you do this, you build a strong foundation for a habit. Then, you can add another minute or two. Eventually you reach 30 minutes on a regular basis. SUCCESS! But you started out really small.



5: Make it Fun

You succeed in creating a new habit, whatever it is, when you choose something you enjoy. Otherwise, you won’t do it. For example, if you want to eat healthier, choose healthy foods you find delicious.  When you enjoy a habit, it becomes its own reward. In effect, a successful goal isn’t some far off achievement. In short, it’s what you do at each step that makes it a success.

In my blog post about happiness, you will find suggestions about having more fun: Happiness is an Activity


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