How to Build A Healthy Spine and Strong Core

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How often do you pick up things – computer bags, laundry bags, kids, overloaded handbags, suitcases, and walk with them? (Honestly? Pretty often.)


Two Arm Loaded Carry (Farmer’s Walk)

The farmer’s walk is a loaded-carry exercise – something we do in real life. OK, you may never carry heavy buckets of feed to your horses, but you probably carry heavy bags from the grocery store.

To begin with, the farmer’s walk is a great movement if you want better posture, a stronger back and a stronger grip. With few technical demands, you can do a loaded carry with just about any equipment. For example, begin by carrying a grocery bag in each hand as you walk home from Trader Joe’s.


Single Arm Loaded Carry

In practice, we often carry our loads lopsided – in one hand. In particular, shopping bags, carry-on luggage, even a laundry bag.

Significantly, you can load your grocery bags on one side, which engages your core. Specifically, a single arm loaded carry forces you focus on your form to stabilize your entire body. Additionally, when you work one side of the body, you stimulate your opposite side, which improves strength of both sides.


Loaded Carry Guidelines

A loaded carry exercise is simple, but focus on good form to remain injury free:  

  • First, align your ears directly over your shoulders, tuck your chin, and look forward (aligns your spine).
  • Then, position your shoulders away from your ears and keep your chest open (improves joint stability).
  • Also, stand with your lower back and pelvis aligned as you walk (keeps you stable).
  • Finally, walk with a short-ish stride and your feet less than 12 inches apart (a strong support base).

A final point; a slow, controlled pace lets you maintain your balance and challenges your grip.



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