How to Eat an Elephant (And Reach Your Goals)

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“MicroMOVE” your Goals

MicroMOVEments means exactly what it sounds like. To begin with, take a large goal and break it down into teeny, tiny, manageable tidbits. In this way, you make it easier, more fun, and motivating.

In general, when we take itsy bitsy, little actions toward a goal, we reach it.

For instance, those things that overwhelm us; like exercising regularly, dropping that stubborn extra weight, or cleaning the house. In addition, the things we procrastinate on the most; changing our eating habits, getting to the gym, or doing the laundry.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Interestingly, successful lifestyle change is not as difficult we think. For example, instead of taking the elevator up five floors, take the stairs for one. Rather than focusing on losing 30 pounds, find a healthy new recipe

Start by defining a simple activity; not a whole exercise regime at once, rather something small. As an illustration, think you might run a marathon? Begin by walking a block. Alternatively, want to lose 30 pounds? Get a notebook, buy a new pen, or eat an apple instead of drinking juice.


Steps to Successfully Reaching Your BIG Goals

Significantly, there are advantages to defining small goals (microMOVEments). First, a small goal gives you something concrete to focus on. Second, completing it, makes you feel accomplished. Finally, feeling accomplished sets you up to succeed in the long term.


How to Eat an Elephant (And Reach Your Goals)


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