Small Group Training Workshops

Moving Strong/Moving Better


Whether walking down a crowded street, or leaping through Swan Lake, we use our whole bodies. We need balance, flexibility, and strength to control the way we move in everyday life. Of course, if we’re in pain, it’s hard to walk, let alone leap.

Moving Strong/Moving Better is an evidence-based workshop program to relieve muscle pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility and mobility. With this in mind, research indicates that middle-age may be a critical time for interventions designed to prevent falls. With this in mind, our balance skills begin deteriorating in our 30s, even among fitness enthusiasts. In this workshop, you’ll learn the best way to stop your joints and muscles from hurting, which is important in avoiding falls.

In general, falls aren’t a normal part of getting older. Then again, stiffened joints, decreased muscle strength, even medications we take, may lead to a sedentary lifestyle. On the positive side, if you start now, you can lower your chances of falling and improve your current lifestyle.

Moving Strong

Weekly Studio Group Workshops

Starting January 2019

Moving Strong/Moving Better is a small group setting (4-5 participants). Your focus is on increasing muscle strength, injury prevention, pain management, as well as improving agility and balance. This workshop is offered in a convenient midtown location.

  • You will experience natural relief from arthritis, back, hip, joint, knee, muscle pain or stiffness. 
  • You will find support to turn your “good intentions” into habit.
  • You will increase your confidence, coordination, and grace.
  • You will receive personal attention and accountability

Sessions meet weekly, in 45-minute sessions. 

Moving Strong Aqua

Aquatic Workshop

Starting Soon

You improve your balance and flexibility, as well as increase your range of motion and strength, while minimizing stress on your back, knees, and joints. Specifically, because water supports your body weight, you experience reduced impact when moving. In addition, you don’t have to know how to swim! Meanwhile, aquatic workouts are not only effective, but fun and invigorating. 

Moving Strong Online

Training on Your Own Schedule   

Starting February 2019

This four-week online workshop may fit your needs and personal schedule. Instead of being locked into a specific class schedule, this online workshop fits your busy lifestyle. 

Participating in this online program gives you the freedom to workout anytime and anywhere. With no equipment required, you can participate in the comfort of your living room for less than 30 minutes. Additionally, thanks to the digital age, you easily communicate through text messages or emails.

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