I want to make exercise a regular part of my life instead of an afterthought.


I’m not sleeping well, and I want to have more energy.


I’m over-stressed, and I want more time for myself.


I’m tired of dieting. I want to build better nutrition habits.

I can’t find my (checkbook, glasses, phone); and OMG! that pile on the kitchen table…

Are you muddling through the day? In this era of information overload, we may be, not ADHD, but BBTLBewildered by Today’s Life. As a matter of fact, you may find yourself inexplicably stopped in your tracks by confusion.


How is your energy? Are you getting enough sleep?

When we’re tired, we become stressed (I can’t find time to go to the gym, I’m too tired to make dinner, I can’t sleep). On the other hand, when you have energy to act on what matters, you feel powerful.  As a matter of fact, when you are rested, you’re inspired and confident


Are you hanging on by a thread, or just treading water?

We may think something’s wrong with us because we’re bad at multi-tasking. All things considered, our time is more productive when our energy is focused. Further, when we’re focused, we are organized and we feel optimistic.


Coaching With Empathy

To support you, I am your partner, providing support, tools, and strategies tailored to your specific circumstances and strengths. Specifically, my coaching approach is to guide you to move beyond what may be holding you back.
Through evidence based, health & wellness coaching, I provide structure, so you can increase your mental flexibility, and manage distractions.

Working with Me as Your Health & Wellness Coach

I am a national, board-certified, Health & Wellness Coach. When you work with me, you receive accountability, guidance, and support. Most compelling, you harness your energy, make changes, and move forward. Further, we explore how to meet your health and wellbeing goals. All in all, I respect your strengths and the values that will help you reach them.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Walk & Talk Outdoors, or Online Sessions

Walk & Talk Coaching because..

I believe in the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness. In today’s world, we often spend most of our day within four walls. Moving your body can open your mind.

Let’s get you away from the computer and off the couch.

  • A change in environment may bring a new perspective to your thinking.
  • Creative problem solving is enhanced by the physical activity of walking (“thinking on your feet”)


Benefits of Outdoor Coaching

  • Boosts your immune system, and contributes to longevity
  • Imparts a zest for living, and your ability to have fun
  • Improves your concentration, creativity, and thinking
  • Improves mental energy and your short-term memory (BenefitsOutdoors)

Online Coaching

If you are not local, or not interested in walk & talk coaching, I offer online wellness coaching through a HIPAA-secure website with video conferencing. Online coaching allows me to work with clients anywhere in the country.


Benefits of Online Coaching

  • Evening scheduling available
  • Saves travel time.
  • Schedule your sessions in your usual environment.
  • Shorter sessions

“Jacqueline is a terrific Health and Wellness Coach. She knows how to ask questions that make you think about your answers. She… guides you to set up realistic goals with humor and understanding. When you reach a goal, no matter how small, she is as excited as you are.”

Shirley W.

“I had good results from my work with Jacqueline Gikow. I lost 15 pounds in two months. And making healthy choices got easier. …With her help I began to prioritize my time to get some balance in my health, home, and career goals.”

Noel M.

Every Journey Starts  Somewhere

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