I avoid exercise because I don’t want to join a gym!


It often hurts when I bend or move...


I fell, and I don't want to fall again...


I have trouble (walking, opening jars, climbing stairs)…

“I want to get more active and feel more energetic. At the same time, I’m a bit ambivalent…”

Real challenges in your life make it difficult to get fit and eat better, or lose weight. Also, the couch and TV entice you. Equally important, finding time to exercise is a struggle. Not to mention, you may worry that you will not succeed.  

Of course, you also grumble about being lazy, but it’s cold out… or hot. Or raining.


You Want to Succeed

To begin with, I listen to your fitness and health concerns. In response, I look for inventive ways to create a fitness program that improves your endurance (that means you can do things longer) and strength. In particular, I look for ways you can move without aches and pains.

Additionally, we review your relationship to food and eating. In fact, I’ll refer you to a nutritionist or dietitian if you want additional assistance.


Personal Training in Manhattan 

I believe you can improve your fitness level and health. At the same time, I believe you can think and act differently. Accordingly, you start by stating your fitness and health goals. Then, we explore how you act now. Finally, you identify what motivates you to change.

With your goals in mind, I design a fitness program that is flexible and realistic. Equally important, it fits with your lifestyle.

To put it another way, I understand bodies, and how to help people who may not like exercise, move from reluctant to eager exercisers, without joining a gym (unless you want to). In short, I offer an approach that’s easy for you to start, as well as keep up.

How I Help You Reach Your Goals 

All things considered, to get, or stay, fit and healthy, you have to be consistently active. Generally speaking, you will do that only if it’s convenient and enjoyable. So, I offer alternatives to joining a commercial gym that make it easier to get started as well as keep it up: 


Individual, Personal Fitness Training

In Your Home, or Private Gym

Trekking to an outside gym isn’t always feasible, and I offer a success-based alternative. Specifically, you can get stronger and healthier working out in the comfort and privacy of your home. Not to mention, it’s convenient, fits with your lifestyle, and saves time.


If your building has a formal gym, it takes minimal effort for you to get there. As a result, you reduce the effort to reach your goals.

“Jacqueline understands bodies and how to help people… move from reluctant to eager exercisers. …I love that we can hold [my workouts] in my apartment. …I can say with assurance that Jacqueline knows what she is doing. She is also fun to work with. I am delighted with the results.” 

Sondra P.

“I worked with Jacqueline, training in my apartment building’s gym. As a result, I lost eight pounds and my balance and upper body strength have improved considerably. …I feel much better and can exercise more effectively.”

Susanna F.

Personal Training

One-on-One, Individual Sessions

 In a Pool • In your home  Residential Gym


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