“My (back, knees, neck) hurts…”


“It's often painful when I bend or move…”


“I have trouble (climbing stairs, getting out of bed, walking)…”

You want a safe and effective work out. At the same time, you find it difficult to exercise with your busy schedule. All in all, you want to be healthy, happy, and more active, so that you improve the life you already have.

Rehabilitation Personal Training

In Your Home or Private Gym

Imagine you are no longer out of shape and/or in pain. First things first: I listen carefully to your fitness and health concerns. With your goals in mind, I design a  flexible, realistic, approach that works with your lifestyle. In short, my mission is to provide guidance and support for the healthy success you’re looking for.

In truth, trekking to an outside gym isn’t always practical. For this reason, I offer a convenient alternative — you can get fit and strong working out in the comfort and privacy of your home. Or… your on-site building gym/pool.

Manage and relieve inflammation • arthritis • chronic pain or injury of back, hip, joints, knees, neck, shoulders • pre/post-surgery • post PT improvement.

“Jacqueline understands bodies and how to help people… move from reluctant to eager exercisers. …I love that we can hold [my workouts] in my apartment. …I can say with assurance that Jacqueline knows what she is doing. She is also fun to work with. I am delighted with the results.” 

Sondra P.

“I worked with Jacqueline, training in my apartment building’s gym. As a result, I lost eight pounds and my balance and upper body strength have improved considerably. …I feel much better and can exercise more effectively.”

Susanna F.