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If you need a keynote, or are looking for an interactive workshop: The topics below can fit a 30 – 60 minute motivational talk, a 90 – 120 minute workshop, or a half or full day seminar.

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Move with Joy

When You Hate to Exercise

Physical activity is anything we do that involves moving our bodies. In fact, exercise is a teeny tiny part of moving, but we rarely think about it this way. Learn how stop linking fear or loathing with your thoughts about exercising (or being active) and expand your possibilities.

Moving Strong

Prevent Falling & Maintain Lifelong Independence

In the United States, one in three adults, aged 65 and older, falls each year. However, falls are not an inevitable part of getting older. 

Learn to use your body and mind to increase your agility, coordination, and strength, and manage moving with confidence.

Practice Pausing

Training to live life by focusing on now  

Our challenge is to put our mind in the right place at the right time. Learn to calm turmoil right where you are; here and now.

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