Simple Hand Exercises That Will Improve Flexibility and Strength

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Unless you’re a jeweler, juggler, or pianist, you probably don’t think much about your hands and fingers. But if, for example, you can’t bend your thumb easily, you may have trouble doing ordinary things, like opening a jar.

In fact, your hand muscles can become tense and lose range of motion just like any other muscles. In particular, this may happen if you spend a lot of time at a computer keyboard. As another illustration, a hand injury can cause impaired movement, or loss of strength. Additionally, chronic medical conditions, such as arthritis, may result ins stiffness and mobility loss.

Lack of flexibility and strength in your hands can make it hard to do even the simplest everyday tasks, such as turning a doorknob. Additionally, you may find daily tasks difficult to do because your hands and fingers are swollen.

Simple hand and finger exercises and stretches can get you get back in action. As a matter of fact, they require no equipment, and take very little time. You won’t even break a sweat.


Practice These Hand Exercises

To begin, the exercises I demonstrate take your wrist and fingers through their normal ranges of motion. As you progress, you move your wrists and fingers through their specific functions.

  1. Complete 8 to 10 repetitions of each movement
  2. Do one set with each hand
  3. Finally, do these exercises slowly and deliberately, to make them most effective.



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