Stuck in Rut: 3 Ways to Stop Treading Water

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Is your life in a rut? Are you just treading water? Are you floundering about? Is your current direction a dead end?

Consider this: Treading water is a personal-safety survival technique that is taught in most swim classes. Successful treading water is done using as little energy as possible. The point of treading water is to stay afloat.


Are You In a Rut?

Sometimes, we may say we’re treading water when we feel we’re in a rut. Specifically, when you tread water, you stay afloat, but you don’t go anywhere.

You get stuck in a rut for many reasons. Sometimes you’re not prepared to handle everything that’s going on in your life. Other times you may not know what you want do next.

When you feel like you are treading water, it’s important to remain calm. On the other hand, don’t delude yourself into thinking you are headed to shore. 


Often, when people get overwhelmed, they panic and quit. (“I’m don’t see any progress.” “I feel overwhelmed and about to drown”).(CalmYourPanicMonster)

Instead of panicking, take a survival lesson from the principle of treading water. Learn to tread the water of your life properly, and “keep kicking.” In other words, take a break. Make sure you take care of yourself.


3 Ways to Get Out of A Rut

  1. Do one thing at a time When you have a long to-do list it can feel overwhelming. Focus on one goal at a time and devote all your energy to it. Then, when you finish that task, move on to the next one. (SuccessAdoptingNewHabits) (WholeHeartedHabits)
  1. Get support (Tell someone) Independence is great but having support every now and then can help. It’s tough doing everything alone with no back up. (CalmYourMind)
  1. Celebrate small successesSmall steps lead to BIG changes. Celebrate your winnings, even if they’re small. (4WaysHappyRightNow) (DefeatedByClutter)


Hope for the Bemused, Bothered, & Bewildered

I believe in in your ability to challenge your current behavior and power up your life. In fact, I believe you can act differently and succeed. I just happen to offer an approach that is straightforward and realistic. Want to start?


Calm Your Mind; Power Up Your Life

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