“Jacqueline is a terrific aquatics instructor and trainer. She addressed grip issues in my hands (from arthritis), and discomfort in my spine (from fused lower vertebrae). We worked on aquatic exercises that improved my alignment, flexibility, and strength, while avoiding pain while I worked out. She was responsive to my physical limitations. I especially benefitted from learning stretching exercises I can do in the water.”  –Linn M. – NYC

“I am a swimmer, and I worked with Jacqueline to learn how to increase strength in my legs, which are not as strong as my upper body. She was instrumental in showing me how to use water’s buoyancy and resistance to build up the muscles in my legs. Jacqueline taught me an aquatic routine I can do independently, using only my body weight, which can also be progressed using aquatic equipment as I get stronger.” –Nilopher S. — NYC


“I was weak, wobbly and overweight. I worked with/got help from Jacqueline. As a result, I lost eight pounds and my balance and upper body strength have improved considerably. And now I’m able to walk farther, use my arms better and fit into my clothes better. I feel much better and can exercise more effectively so I can continue to improve. Life is looking up.” —Susanna L. – NYC

“I contacted [Jacqueline] to help me get on track because… I have a torn ACL and don’t want to have another surgery… She continuously does her research on new exercises and has the patience and makes sure they being done correctly. She clearly understands how the human body works and pushes you enough to get the most out of each workout. 
… I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants and needs to get in shape and get on the road to getting healthy.” —Lenora L. –NYC

“[I] retired [and] decided… to devote… time to getting in shape. Jacqueline understands bodies and how to help people (who, like me, may not like exercise and have tried to avoid it for years) move from reluctant to eager exercisers. …I love that we can hold them in my apartment. …I can say with assurance that Jacqueline knows what she is doing. She diagnoses problems quickly and finds inventive ways to solve them and she tailors all of the exercises to fit my changing needs and my growing strength. She is also fun to work with. I am delighted with the results.” —Sondra P. – NYC 

“Jacqueline is a terrific Health and Wellness Coach. She knows how to ask questions that make you think about your answers. She is incredibly honest, and guides you to set up realistic goals with humor and understanding. When you reach a goal, no matter how small, she is just as excited as you are. Our weekly telephone sessions resulted in significant changes for me.” —Shirley W. – NYC